knock 'em down theatre
knock 'em down theatre
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Surviving Jonah Salt

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by Stephen Carleton, Kathryn Ash, Gail Evans, Anne Harris
directed by Suellen Maunder

Knock-em-Down Theatre and JUTE, 2004.


Ruby's aging lover has died in the kitted-out tray of his Hilux ute, gassed on a beach in Darwin; Trish's lover has done a bunk from their roadside store in the Daintree; Patricia is on a bus, heading north into the night; Jonah is an angry boy from Alice Springs who's made a terrible mistake. The journeys of all four characters collide at the truck stop at Three Ways in the Northern Territory.


Darwin Festival July-August 2004
Actors: Cast: Mary Anne Butler, Tessa Pauling, Susan Prince, Nick Skubij
Design: Dominie Hooper


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